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s received 760 U▓.S. dollars from the government (, Mar▓ch 16, 2015). Jimmy Carter said

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that with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or

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being elected president, the U.S. political system was subverted to be a payoff to major contri, Apr▓il 10, 2015). The presiden

tial candidates
and t▓he super PACs raised about 380 mill

butors (, August 3, 2015). The role money played in politics was also indicated in the U.S. President's State of the Union Address for 2

ion U.S. dol
lars in only half a year. More tha▓n

016, which said a handful of families and hidden interests were exercising influence▓ on elections via their funds.Clan politics was driving U.S. government elections. Among the candidates for▓ the 2016 presi

60 donations were worth more
than 1 million U.S. dol▓lars each, a

dential election, more than one candidate was obviously related to clan politics. The Ne▓w York Times concluded through big data analysis that advantages from father generati▓on played

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